This service was created to help busy families with their loved ones,
primarily aging parents who need assistance.

LeeAnn Brigido
LeeAnn Brigido

To bring peace of mind to our clients, we will be their patient liaison. Medical appointments are a time consuming and confusing part of aging today. We’ll safely transport and accompany your loved one to medical appointments, fostering the patient visit in a caring and confidential manner, and communicate important and complex information back to you.

Meal planning and preparation, when you eat well, you feel better and stay healthy. We work together with our clients to plan healthy, balanced meals according to specific nutritional needs.  We shop for ingredients, prepare, and serve delicious meals.

Regular physical activity, along with freedom of movement, keeps the body and mind feeling focused and balanced.  We’ll provide safe, reliable transportation and companionship to appointments, errands or just to visit friends- so your loved one stays active, engaged and positive.

Silver Lining founder LeeAnn Brigido and her team recognize the need for compassionate, conscientious, and trustworthy assistance for families; particularly those with aging parents.

“As the mother of a special needs son, I have many years’ experience working with patients and medical professionals in a caring, confidential manner. Let me alleviate family stress and worry by allowing me to assist you and your loved one.”

- LeeAnn Brigido

Meet Our Team

Meet Alice

I received my nursing degree from Rhode Island College and worked professionally at the Blackstone Community Health Centers and Kent County Visiting Nurse Association.

I worked with, and supported all ages from newborn to adolescence and adulthood.  Currently, I volunteer in the community for local non-profits and also at area schools where my children attended.  I enjoy providing support and companionship to those who are alone, and enjoy their wisdom and anecdotes.

Meet Carmela

After 27 year’s experience in the healthcare field, I retired from The Providence Center, where I worked with patients having a multitude of needs. I also worked privately as a caretaker, helping families with their aging parents. I love being able to help my client’s complete tasks they thought they could no longer do, and seeing the smiles on their faces when I sit and listen to them talk about their beautiful memories…… it’s so gratifying. At the end the day, I have a great sense of accomplishment knowing I helped someone who really needs me.

Meet Juanita

I have worked in the nursing home environment for 30 years, as a CNA at The Rehabilitation Hospital of RI and Zambarono Hospital. It’s a pleasure working with the older population, as they are wise and appreciative for the assistance, comfort and the companionship I’m allowed to give to them.  I treasure my role in helping seniors, some people say that I should of moved up the ladder in nursing, but I now enjoy the one to one attention I can give to my clients whom I have the privilege of knowing, supporting and caring for working with Silver Lining.

Meet Linda

When I was very young, my Mom would take me to visit her elder aunties for lunch, keep them company, run errands, etc. This planted a seed of love for the elderly in me. I remember how much they appreciated company and help. It makes all the difference when you can break up someone’s lonely day or one in need of a small errand and a little helping hand to let them know someone cares and can help when family members can’t be available. I’m the one who is blessed when I can be there for someone who needs companionship or assistance.

Meet Eileen

Being my mother’s caregiver when she became ill was very difficult and heartbreaking, but at the same time a blessing for my family and me. She was a registered nurse and always led with a caring hand and giving heart to everyone she met. I believe because of her I have a passion for helping others. Being a volunteer in the community with the meals on wheels program and building relationships with these people has been an incredible experience. Love seeing the smiling faces when I arrive, enjoy listening to their beautiful stories of their loved ones, and always look forward to seeing them again.

Silver Lining is not only a wonderful organization for our clients but for me as well.

Meet Beth

I began my caregiving career at the age of 20 working in a group home while attending RIC for Special Education. I became manager a year later and stayed until my second daughter was born. After my third daughter went to school full time I went to work for Northern RI Collaborative. I was then hired by Burrillville School Department where I worked in a special needs preschool for 20 years before retiring in 2019. I am blessed to have found this new path with Silver Lining and these wonderful clients I’m meeting.